Lender Referral Information

Selecting a good fit for your financing mortgage broker is part of the process. 
We’re looking to create a team of representatives all working for you with the common shared goal of getting the best terms and conditions for you!

All FHA products follow FHA guidelines, and any lender can offer the same product. You may also want to get approved for Fannie Mae HomePath.  It is a Fannie Mae product created by them to offer financing on Fannie Mae foreclosed properties.  All of these lenders offer that as well.  It is another 3 to 3.5% down payment program similar to FHA. 

Your lenders can provide you with current rates, qualification, and guidance on the financing side.  They will relay how any non-FHA products would be conventional products, higher credit score requirements, more % down like 20% on average.  Some lenders have some other 5% down conventional products, but they may have PMI.  I'd recommend you try 2 of these lenders or just pick one.  I've used and worked with all myself to ensure the same client servicing I expect, and put forth.  Really in this selection you’re choosing a personality, and knowledgeable communicator to guide you through the financing side of things while I lead you through the Real estate side.

We encourage all buyers to contact a mortgage professional as soon as they can. The referrals above all make themselves available days/eves/weekends.

Having your financing approvals in place can be the difference in having an opportunity to make an offer on a well priced property.  Delaying this crucial step can often put a buyer against another offer, adding competition, increasing pricing, or worse losing the property you wanted to a buyer ready to make an offer.

Becky Perez

Merrimack Mortgage

Direct: 603.876.8522


Zachary Saunders

Schaefer Mortgage

Direct: 603.770.8118



Ginnie McCauley

Dedicated Mortgage

Direct: 603.548.8950


Kathleen Wentworth
Leader Bank

Direct: 617.388.8521