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For You to do:
Enter into a Buyer Agency Agreement with us. ( the sellers agent will normally split their commission with us but if the bank demands a reduced commission or no commission to us, you may have to factor in a percentage of the purchase price to be paid by you.) This will allow us to perform the duties below and advise you on the best course of action. Without a buyer agency agreement we will be required to represent the seller, and de facto their bank and cannot give you any advise that would reduce their position.
Be prepared to act quickly after we make the first offer.
Know how much you can afford.
If you haven't been pre approved by a mortgage lender do it. You may need to move quickly to close on a short sale.
If you miss out on this one you will be ready for the next.


For your Buyer Agent to do (Us)

We will perform a CMA ( Competitive Market Analysis).
This will tell you what the home would list for today, and evaluate if the current listing price is fair or if it is too aggressive.

Perform a records check to determine:
How much was paid for the home
When the seller purchased the home
Who is the title holder of the home.
Who has liens on the home.
Are the taxes current?
Are the water sewer bills current?
Is there is a second lender involved?

Prepare your offer to the seller and present it to the lender also.
Even thought the seller will always have an "As Is" clause because there is no money to negotiate for repairs, we will submit the offer with an inspection clause. If we do find any unrevealed issues they may reconsider reducing the price to cover these issues, or we can resend the offer and you will not lose any good faith money that was given with the offer.
We will make the offer time sensitive. The lender will just let it sit on their desk, if we don't put pressure on them to make a move quickly. They also want to resolve the issue, and keep their costs low.
If you have any questions or want to see of there is a listing that will fit your needs contact us for more information. We will scan the MLS and our other sources to find a great deal for you.